How to Secure Your Phone

Along with the continued revenue from the proliferation of all the smartphones needed to address security issues. Smartphones are like mini-computers. They can store data accessible via email, a cloud-based web application, or some form of internal or external storage. Smartphones are valuable, and you want to consider what would happen if your mobile device fell into the wrong hands. To know more about phone protection, click here:

Use Password Protection

It is not difficult to set up password protection from your cell phone. Most likely, it will be among the security preferences of your cell phone. If you can’t find the alternative, check online or in your phone’s manual to see how to activate it.

Remotely Wipe Phone Data

As long as you have protected your phone with a password or access key, you may want to protect further the information stored on your phone by deleting it remotely. Remote erase erases all data from your phone and restores all settings to factory default. This is not something you want to do if you are not sure you have lost your phone.

If you have an iPhone, you will need to register for a MobileMe account to prepare for remote deletion. Android phones version 2.2 has a built-in private wipe function, but you also need Exchange. This is a free application on the Android Marketplace that allows you to delete from the Mobile Defense website.

Do Not Save Sensitive Data

In case you use your phone to use your online banking services or access all your favorite websites, you don’t have to set your phone to remember passwords automatically. If your phone is abandoned or picked by someone else, your account will be easily accessible.

Be Careful What You Install


If you download or install a new application, make sure it comes from a reliable source. The advantage of smartphones is that there are hundreds and hundreds of applications and games that you can access to improve their functionality. Just use the official application stores differently, as you can discover the malicious code inserted into the application and transmit a virus to your phone.…