Best Games to Play on Android Emulators for PC

Best Android Emulator Games

Are you bored of playing the same old PC and Facebook-specific games on your PC? Well, now you can play Android games on your PC with the help of an emulator. So, when people ask you, “can you play mobile games on PC?” The answer is yes, you can. Many Android emulators for PC can run any Android games or apps smoothly on your PC. It can run almost all games, including the latest titles. So, here are the best games that you should play on Android Emulators for PC.

Best Android Emulator Games

Total War Battles: Kingdom

The game’s base construction and combat components are outstanding, especially for someone who has never played a real wargame. The game’s small battles cannot compare to the huge battles of Full War on PC, but they are still playable and offer the player some amazing tactical options. Battles take place on unique battlefields where two rival factions deploy their capable troops, command their pieces, and use unique skills and strategies to seal victory with their army. They will have to train and purchase units to attack, take advantage of extraordinary “church orders” and use conventional approaches to win battles.

You can fortress in line with the terrain of this particular map and the rigorous fundamentals of construction. It isn’t very easy to manage your kingdom in this sport. Still, when you understand the fundamentals and styles of the terrain and climate, it is reasonably simple to construct the perfect buildings, fortify your base, and build a highly effective army. The game is a bit more difficult, so it will probably appeal to strategy enthusiasts.

Frontline Commando: D-Day

Best Android Emulator GamesCombine to this some brilliant touchscreen controls and console-like graphics, and you have an impressive third-person war-style shooter on your mobile device. The developers have managed to document the World War II-era well. The game contains more than 100 missions, and each of them offers a variety of ways to shoot your head off.

The smooth touch screen controls make the game very satisfying. There are tons of those “hiding behind cover” moments. You have to dodge enemies and time the perfect moment to kill enemies without getting hit. And that’s not all: you’ll have to move into another cover, which is possible with a quick tap. Some missions make things extremely difficult. Watch out for deadly minefields.

Star Wars: Commander

Ever wanted to transfer a lightsaber to protect your base? Or have you dreamed of watching Stormtroopers duel with droids in the realms of Tatooine? If you’re a Star Wars fan, you need to check this game out. While the gameplay doesn’t differ much from faction to faction, the narrative does. It’s a great game full of twists and intriguing features that feels like Clash of Clans, but in a sci-fi setting. Star Wars: Commander offers a refreshing change of pace for the base building genre.

Pocket City

Best Android Emulator GamesA strong act for mobile devices! There’s the conventional city-building gameplay, the ability to build every part of the city, from roads to parks to buildings. But one thing that comes in Pocket City’s favor over the others on this list is that you can plan your zones (residential, industrial, or commercial), deal with natural disasters (there are actually tornadoes, volcanoes, and storms!), and even respond to attacks. This game feels like the kind of quality content you’d see in a PC city builder. There are no annoying microtransactions, either. It should be noted that there is a free and a paid version.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth

This is a game that is different from the previous ones. It is a multiplayer game where you meet thousands of players at the same time. Along with the possibility of having live conversations and planning strategies, the game has a lot to offer to any strategy fan. The Hobbit is developed by the renowned company Kabam. If you are a fan of LOTR or just a gamer who likes to play, then you should give it a chance. It comes on gamesis plan one of the best games on Android.

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